Its all natural!!

Refreshing till the last drop!

For the best juices and drinks, we put together a generous dose
of passion, creativity and curiosity, to create the best recipes
and make it available to you every day.

Our Offers


Compal 100% Juice

Always rich in nutrients and with a taste like no other, Compal has available a range of 100% fruit juices, with no added sugar – just the naturally present sweetness in the fruit.


Compal Nectar

Bursting with full flavors and made from freshly squeezed fruits, Compal Nectar is made in way that only Compal knows best.

Compal Vital

As fruitology is not only full of magic, but also wisdom, it was only with a good portion of dreaming and inspiration that we were able to create something as unexpected as the new Compal Vital.



Frize, a gasocarbonic mineral water, is born hundreds of meters deep, with natural gas, constant temperature and unchanged flow – which guarantees the purity of the water, is captured in bottles and brought to you.



B! is a range of very refreshing, surprising, tasty and natural fruit drinks. No gas, low calorie and no dyes or preservatives, B! is the best way to have your lemon drink!


Estella Water

Estrela is a spring water, pure and crystalline, of superior quality and captured directly from nature. It is in its purest state and guaranteed to remain the same until the moment of consumption.

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